It is our subconscious patterns and habits that shape our lives and determine whether we will accomplish our goals or not. It is what we do over the long term, what is ingrained into the fibre of our beings that will reinforce the actions that need to be taken in order to succeed in the realisation of our desires. How we react to certain situations in our everyday lives can influence the outcome of many things - our career and financial goals, social status, health and fitness goals, relationships, and so on.

Many of our bodily functions that keep us alive are governed subconsciously, our heart rate, hormone secretions, and respiration for example. It is respiration, however, that can be also consciously controlled in order to affect the other responses. Learning to breathe deeply and slowly when in a situation that would cause nervousness or anxiety can help to calm the nerves, thereby enhancing our performance in our daily dealings, be they in the workplace or in relationships or so…